Got any questions about MOI Premium Lube?

MOI Amsterdam Premium Lubricants

“MOI Amsterdam lubricants fall into two main categories: water based and silicone based. Each has its own characteristics. So to say what lube is the best for you? You will have to find out for yourself.”

Water based lubricants are the most used around the world today. You can safely use latex condoms with the water based MOI lube and it’s easily absorbed by the skin. Easy to clean and long lasting effect.

Silicone based lubricants have a different feel and effect than water based lubricants. There are some to be certified safe for latex but always be careful and read the label to make sure. MOI silicone based lube is compatible with natural rubber latex condoms. Silicone lubricants just keep on gliding for a full playtime experience.

MOI Water Based Premium Lube

“The water based lubricants are the most used lubricants in the world today.”

A few reasons why:

It is easily absorbed by the skin. Because of this feature a water based lubricant is easy to clean and wash out of sheets or other fabrics.

For absolute safe pleasure you need condoms. MOI water based lube is compatible with natural rubber latex condoms.

MOI Silicone Based Premium Lube

“While the water based lubricant is mostly used. The silicone based lubricant is growing in popularity. You know why?”

Silicone lubricants do not contain water and stay slick for a longer time than the water based lubes. That is why they are preferred for anal intercourse or massages.

Silicone lubes rarely give people allergic reactions but before using the lubricant on a regular basis, apply a small amount on your forearm. If any allergic reaction occurs, discontinue use.