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Dark Force

Dark Force

Dark Force 

The black whip to dominate with style. Do it gentle or just hard to punish.

Day Breaker | Man's Body Harness - One Size - Adjustable

Day Breaker

Day Breaker | Man’s Body Harness

With a busy week the weekend. What could be more perfect to let it all out and see yourself in the mirror getting ready for that kinky club night.

Double Barrel | Wrist Cuffs With Iron Chain - Width 6 cm. (2.50 inch) Length 30 cm. (11.80 inch)

Double Barrel

MOI Submission has her name for a reason.. We like restraints! And have a lot of them to. All kinds of different restraints from all out to just the simple wrist. You choose…

Double Trooper | Parachute Ball Stretcher - One Size - Adjustable

Double Trooper

MOI Submission has all sorts of nice attributes to enhance your playtime.

Duo Locked | Chromed Spherical Wrist Cuffs - 10.5 cm. x 8.6 cm.

Duo Locked

Duo Locked – Special Stainless Steel Cuff

In the mood for some special playtime?  Put those wrists together, lock them and start your adventure.

El Caballo | Chromed Male Chastity Device Ø 50 mm.

El Caballo

EL Caballo – Stainless Steel Chastity

Never look a gift horse in the mouth. This “Caballo” Seals your meat like a birthday present. There is no way to get out of this one until you say uncle.

El Castita | Chromed Male Chastity Device Ø 50 mm.

El Castita

El Castita – Stainless Steel Chastity

Are you the kind of man that likes to show off his endurance in captivity? Take a look at this beauty. El Castita is for the die hard! Don’t worry if this is to much (for now)… El Castita has a big brother for the chastity lovers who prefer less restriction. His name is El Castito.

El Castito | Chromed Male Chastity Device Ø 50 mm.

El Castito

El Castito – Stainless Steel Chastity

The big brother of the notorious El Castita. Does the same, feels the same only less tight than its smaller sister. But take this chastity seriously! Once applied you instantly understand what chastity really means.