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El Caballo | Chromed Male Chastity Device Ø 50 mm.

El Caballo

EL Caballo – Stainless Steel Chastity

Never look a gift horse in the mouth. This “Caballo” Seals your meat like a birthday present. There is no way to get out of this one until you say uncle.

El Castita | Chromed Male Chastity Device Ø 50 mm.

El Castita

El Castita – Stainless Steel Chastity

Are you the kind of man that likes to show off his endurance in captivity? Take a look at this beauty. El Castita is for the die hard! Don’t worry if this is to much (for now)… El Castita has a big brother for the chastity lovers who prefer less restriction. His name is El Castito.

El Castito | Chromed Male Chastity Device Ø 50 mm.

El Castito

El Castito – Stainless Steel Chastity

The big brother of the notorious El Castita. Does the same, feels the same only less tight than its smaller sister. But take this chastity seriously! Once applied you instantly understand what chastity really means.

El Roulade | Chromed Male Chastity Device Ø 50 mm.

El Roulade

El Roulade – Stainless Steel Chastity

Nice and tight with a fit design. El Roulade has its own way to show a signature. Put this beast on and show off what this chastity does best.

Neta Captura | Chromed Male Chastity Device Ø 50 mm.

Neta Captura

Neta Captura – Stainless Steel Chastity

This chastity device really makes the difference and will be an all time favourite for you. Everyone will see what you have been doing when the Neta Captura is done with you. Just picture the marks this chastity device leaves on your personal tool.

The Mad Man | Man's Chastity Belt - Adjustable

The Mad Man

The Mad Man | Man’s Chastity Belt – Adjustable

You can go all out to make the man squeal. When wearing this, there is no running away.